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Kimberle delivers workshops for in conference settings, for corporate or small business groups from 5 to 500. As a successful workshop facilitator for over 25 years, Kimberle is acutely aware of her audience’s learning styles and can adapt to meet their needs.

Adults learn best when they feel sense of “self-direction” for their own learning. Adults must have opportunities within a workshop for critical reflection. As adults we must be able to align their experiences with new learning to “make it stick.” Oh! It doesn’t hurt to have some fun, too.

For this reason, Kimberle works with your team to clearly understand the specific needs and issues to be addressed and the desired outcomes. Once we have agreed on the right approach, every workshop is tailored to achieve your desires outcomes and fit your budget. Experiential activities, actionable tools and methods are customized to respect the adult learning styles of your team and reinforce learning.

Kimberle is passionate about all things entrepreneurship. She can deliver on a wide variety of business topics including basic business skills, feasibility, strategic business planning, women’s business ownership and designing lifestyle businesses.

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Based on her book, Determined: Living a life with No Excuses. No Limits. No Regrets. the DETERMINATION EQUATION™ workshop is inspiring, but doesn’t stop there. From 26 years of personal, business and professional coaching experience, Kimberle has learned that the difference between those who realize their dreams and those on the “someday” plan is ACTION. It’s easy enough to say, but more complex than just doing “something.” In this workshop, participants will learn to use the DETERMINATION EQUATION™ to create sustained MOMENTUM and realize their dreams. Each person will create their personal strategy that goes far beyond a traditional business plan or business model canvas using five easy to remember A’s. Action, Attitude, Ability, Analysis and Altitude. Creative activities, collage making, journaling and explorative discussion will unlock real or perceived barriers. Take away tools will arm each person for their Day of Determination. This workshop can be formatted to give people a taste in one hour or create real results in a day. Call or email to begin a conversation about how you can share the DETERMINATION EQUATION™ with your team or conference attendees.

Entrepreneurial Mindset: An Essential Skill for Life

Navigating today’s complex business and social environments requires a profound shift in thinking. It requires an entrepreneurial mindset shift. By definition an entrepreneur is a problem seeker, a problem solver, and an innovator. Continually asking, “How are we doing? What can we do better?” entrepreneurial thinkers are needed at every organizational level. Entrepreneurship your ability to interact with people well and solve problems – will equip you for your personal life, your family life, and your professional life. Using the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile®, a cutting-edge assessment tool developed by the Leadership Development Institute (LDI) at Eckerd College, this workshop helps leaders, business owners and employees assess the degree to which they are utilizing an entrepreneurial mindset. Role playing and introspective activities help attendees create a personal performance plan to leverage entrepreneurial skills and personality traits as a competitive advantage. The Entrepreneurial Mindset workshop includes individual and group assessments taken prior to the event, individual and team building resources for development and follow-up coaching.


Upgrow Business International’s training events, whether live or online will help you explore business as a career option, work through the details of a business plan and give you a step-by-step approach to turn your ideas into action and launch a business you love. Whether you are kinda-sorta-thinking about starting or already in business, check out training opportunities.

Discover your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Take the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile® to assess the degree to which you are using an entrepreneurial mindset in your business or career. Then check into this 90-minute online webinar to understand how to maximize your personality traits and performance skills to your improve business, communications and leadership skills. Contact us to start down your path of discovery and take the Entrepreneurial Mindset Profile®. Contact Me

Business 101: Business Basics

Are you ready to build or rebuild the business you love? Step into this fast-paced 3-hour course that will put a spotlight on the essential skills, tools and mindset that you will need to make your business a perfect fit for you. This is not a get rich quick scheme. The only way your business will work is if you are willing to work. This is the opportunity to visualize and explore the opportunities, obstacles and reality of being in business for yourself. We will start with you as the foundation of your business and cover market, management and money. If this sounds like the right fit for your business, let’s talk! Contact Me

Designing the Business that loves you and you love!

You deserve to be happy — just the same as everyone else. You have an entire world of opportunities at your fingertips, and life is too short to spend stuck in an unfulfilling job or in a business that you hate. We have been told far too long that, if you decide to be a business owner, you will work ALL THE TIME for less money than you would having a “real job.” We won’t tell you that being a business owner is a walk in the park. It’s work. How, when and where you work is in the design of your business. This six week program online course will work you through the 10 steps to designing a business that puts you in control, fits your lifestyle and makes money.

  • If you are seeking happiness in your work,
  • If you are seeking to fulfill a deep desire, passion or purpose,
  • If you want to design a business that you love, then

Congratulations! The next steps are all up to you. Kimberle has helped 250 plus entrepreneurs start and grow their small businesses.She has owned six of her own businesses, not all perfect and successful. Some were bad fits. Some just hateful. Designing a Business that Loves You and You Love delivers lessons learned from 26 years of experience to help you design a business you love in easy to follow modules. To add extra punch, you can package this class with coaching. There is no pixie dust. There is no miracle program proclaiming that if you just spend $XXXX you can make millions. What you will get when you sign up for Designing a Business that Love You and You Love, is a real, strategic, human-centered approach to business planning. You will learn the 10 steps to successfully research, plan and launch your business. You will learn tools to stay disciplined and focused on your goals. Together, we will work through each step, one at a time to create a business model for the Business that Loves You and You Love. We will turn your ideas into action. To learn more about whether this course is right for you, complete the Discovery Form and then we will schedule a free 30-Minute call. We want the best for you. We want to see you invest your money and time in your success. This will get you off on the right foot. Let’s Talk


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