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Determination: No Excuses. No Limits. No Regrets.

The difference between those with a dream and those that are living their dream is ACTION. So, why don’t we take action? What’s stopping us?

HINT: Taking the risk of stepping outside our comfort zone requires us to believe in our resilience.

DETERMINATION recharged daily with consistent intentional ACTION builds resilience. In life and business, going from curled up in the fetal position to self-determined and profitable, Kimberle has seen the results of living the DETERMINATION equation. Having made some of life’s toughest decisions, she extends her hand to help us believe that we can step out, realize our dreams and fully use our God-given gifts.

To say that Kimberle fills the room with energy is a bit of an understatement. Her masterfully woven stories, illustrating resilience amidst life and death events, show the sheer power of DETERMINATION. She shows us how she found her own “no excuses attitude” and backed it up with ACTION to break through self-imposed limits to reveal undiscovered ability and opportunity.

Whether Determination: No Excuses. No Limits. No Regrets. is presented as a keynote, a robust breakout session, or part of a bootcamp retreat, dreamers, doers and sideline sitters alike will relate and engage. There will be no snoozing. Kimberle is extremely approachable, taking the audience along for the journey arming them with her DETERMINATION tools to unlock their potential.

Dear Event Planners,
Selecting a speaker is a daunting task. I understand that, as an event planner, there is a lot of pressure on you to deliver the best experience possible for event attendees. You may even feel that your reputation is on the line. I strongly believe that we all deserve the best and must always do our best. For this reason, I give you my personal guarantee – my happiness guarantee.

  • I promise to do my homework to deliver a content rich message, tailored for your event attendees.
  • I promise to be on-time, responsive, flexible and fun.
  • I promise to do my best and bring my best for your event attendees.
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Riding Roller Coasters

Being your own boss, leading an organization or just being human, you know that life can be quite a ride. Woosh! Yikes! Woosh! You can’t always control what happens to you, but you can control how you respond! Your response will most often be directly related to how you perceive the world around you not reality. It is true, as they say, perception is 90% of reality. To capitalize on opportunity, deal with fires and enjoy the ride in today’s fast paced environment, we must master perception and be resilient. Amid stories and play dough, Kimberle, is a wake up call preparing us to not just bounce back, but to bounce higher.

Firefly Moments

Shhhh. Look. Fireflies. (Or lightning bugs is you are from the south) Why is it that when we see fireflies, we whisper? Shhh. There are times, like firefly moments, when we must quiet ourselves. We need to stop the busyness and pay attention. We must learn to live in the here and now to truly begin to see our purpose on this earth. Kimberle weaves stories with deliciously crafted imagery, critical life lessons wrapped in humor and a much-needed push to inspire us to pay attention and be fully engaged in the present. It is from the vantage point that you will see your purpose.

Book announcement

Are you ready to be the boss of you? The moment you take authority, quit making excuses, quit seeing limits, and chose to live with no regrets will be your day of DETERMINATION. On that day, you will stand out from the crowd. Some “friends” will be cheerleaders. Others will try to keep you down. Does this sound frightfully uncomfortable? It can be, but the magic happens when we lean into discomfort.

Author, Kimberle Nagle, weaves real-life struggle with solid business principles to give you a no BS approach to using the DETERMINATION equation to move past excuses, knock down limits and launch your dream. Driven to share the joy of being your own boss, Kimberle, will inspire dreamers, doers and sideline sitters to declare their day of DETERMINATION. She doesn’t sugar-coat it. It isn’t easy. The question is, “How badly do you want this dream? Will you live a DETERMINED life? No regrets.


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