About me

About Kimberle


In a split second, a single decision can change life’s trajectory forever. Some decisions will be better than others. In the end, we are built by actions taken not by the number of days spent on the sidelines.

No one could ever accuse Kimberle of sitting on the sidelines. A prolific idea generator, she is quick to connect pieces of the puzzle, generate unique solutions, strategies and actionable next steps for her clients. She has trained and coached 1000’s resulting in 250+ clients launching successful enterprises. This passion started at age 14, when she launched her first business to get money to buy a pair of “teen angel worthy” jeans. From this early experience she learned a simple lesson. If you want it, go get it. So, she started four more successful enterprises.

Today, Kimberle is the CEO of Upgrow Business International, an organization she founded to help others “go get it!” A certified business trainer and coach, Kimberle works with entrepreneurs to build profitable businesses they love. Her clients have dubbed her the “Champion of Encouragement.” They say Kimberle opened their minds to unimaginable possibilities, helped them stay on task and focused their actions on what matters in life and business.

Kimberle oozes an unquenchable energy which she shares liberally with her audiences. With tongue in cheek humor, she calls on us to Kill the Inner Madness (Get it? She made her name an acronym!) and Keep an Inspired Mind (KIM, again!)

An inspiring change agent, Kimberle, has spent her entire adult life, helping others discover their talents to achieve their personal and professional best. An enthusiastic trendsetter, she has been known to jump into business ventures on a whim and frigid Minnesota lakes at 15 degrees below zero in a unicorn onesie.

Facts and Fun about Kimberle.

  • She grew up in small Midwestern towns with seven brothers and sisters and a wildcat named Ibsen.
  • At age nine, she won her first speech contest against teenagers!
  • She has eight college credits in Star Trek and sword fighting! Degrees in English, Theatre and Business.
  • Her three extremely entrepreneurial kids keep her on her toes!
  • Her five granddaughters are the loves of her life. Together they write, sew, play in the dirt (garden) and make the impossible possible.
  • Co-founder of the Minnesota Women’s Business Center – first ever rural US SBA Women’s Business Center, she has helped start and grow four more business centers.